How did you get into lettering?  

My fascination with letters began about twelve years ago. It started with my friends and I painting graffiti murals and spending all our free time hanging out and sketching together. Later I went on to study graphic design and my interested turned to typography; I began to learn the technical side of  letterforms and how to use type to convey different feelings in different contexts. Straight out of school I decided to try and make lettering work as a full time job and thankfully I found artists in the UK and the US who shared their knowledge and encouraged me to keep going. I've been working with brushes and enamels for about a year and I've been super lucky to learn sign painting techniques from James Cooper in Bristol and Derek McDonald in San Francisco.

Can you give a short history of the  

What tools do you use to produce your work?   


Adobe Creative Suite.  



What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Practice. Practice. Practice.


Can you recommend any books on lettering?  

I sure can! 


So, umm, do you like only do letters?  

I occasionally produce illustrations but you'll have to ask very nicely.